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 Information includes: basic definition (i.e., medical transcriptionists transform the oral dictation of healthcare providers into written text for print or electronic storage.); overview and history of the profession; and specific environments in which to work (e.g., hospitals, corporations, clinics, private practices and part of an outsourcing team).

In addition, we will also include a general framework of the skill sets utilized by medical transcription (dictation, listening and proofreading”editing abilities, as well as, personality traits (detail-oriented, analytical-minded, disciplined, possess an avid interest in medical subjects, and a people person) and the core knowledge (physiology, anatomy, currency with industry policies and procedures) required.

What you learn 

With the opportunities to work in the healthcare field, particularly that within the Medical Transcription (MT) arena, foreseen to be on the rise for the next ten years; it makes a great deal of sense to acquire specialized training within the field.

Within our Medical Transcription course, we provide a comprehensive look at what the profession entails from translating physicians’ dictations to learning a significant amount of medical terminology. Further, we have identified the supplies you will need to embark on a successful career as an MT, as well as, the resources available to help you get a strong foothold on what has all the makings of being a most stimulating and rewarding career.


   Career Details
   A Day in the Life
   Training, Resources & Credentials
   Materials/Productivity Software
   Learning Basic Medical Skills
   Focus on Medical Terminology
   Reporting & Documenting
   More on Grammar and Punctuation
   Medical Legal Issues and Industry Issues
   Cardiac and Vascular Care

   WORK OVER & Hodgepodge of Medical Areas--Genitourinary, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology, OB/GYN, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
   General Surgery
   Anatomy and Physiology
   Epidemiology and Pathology
   Pharmacology Skill-Training for Transcriptionists
  Conclusion & Associated Organizations/Resources

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